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5 Min Read

Don't Let Easter Ruin Your Smile

Enjoy Easter treats without compromising your oral health. Follow these expert tips from Paradise Valley Smiles to maintain a healthy smile.
5 Min Read

Welcome the New Year with Healthy Teeth

Start the new year with a fresh smile! Do not miss out on this opportunity. Achieve optimal oral health today at Paradise Valley Smiles.
5 Min Read

Debunking Dental Myths: Fact vs. Fiction

Debunking Dental Myths: Fact vs. Fiction! Brush gently, floss daily, limit soda intake, see your dentist regularly, and consult for teeth whitening.
5 Min Read

Protecting Your Teeth from Acid Erosion

Acid erosion is a common dental problem that can cause severe damage to your teeth over time. It occurs when the enamel on your teeth is worn away by acids produced by bacteria in your mouth, as well as from certain foods and drinks. 
5 Min Read

The Benefits of Using Mouthwash

Freshen your breath, fight cavities, and reduce gum disease with mouthwash. Learn more about the benefits of this easy and effective oral hygiene tool at Paradise Valley Smiles.
5 Minutes

The Link Between Smoking and Oral Health

Smoking can harm your oral health in many ways. It can cause your teeth to become yellow or brown, give you bad breath, and increase your risk of gum disease and oral cancer. Smoking can also slow down the healing process in your mouth. The best way to protect your oral health is to quit smoking. If you are a smoker experiencing oral health problems, speaking with your dentist as soon as possible is essential. Quitting smoking and taking care of your oral health can improve your smile and overall health.
2 Min Read

Brannon Smiles Is Now Paradise Valley Smiles

Exciting news! Brannon Smiles, the trusted dental practice in the community, is now officially known as Paradise Valley Smiles.

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