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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry at Paradise Valley Smile

Dental emergencies can happen anytime, whether playing with a ball, taking down Christmas decorations, moving boxes in the attic, or just walking to the break room for a cup of coffee. That's why having a dental practice that offers emergency dental services in Paradise Valley, AZ, for you and your family when you need it most should be a priority. 

When it comes to dental trauma, prompt treatment is crucial, but many people often downplay such problems and fail to schedule an appointment with their dentist. Sometimes, when you are in a significant amount of pain, ignoring the problem is not an option. 

At Paradise Valley Smiles, we can help you with any dental emergency, from a knocked-out tooth to a broken or damaged restoration. For your convenience and health, we also offer same-day appointments to provide emergency dental care when you need it most. 

What is Emergency Dentistry?

It is a discipline of dentistry that focuses on providing quick dental treatments to people suffering from dental emergencies. Dental crises are severe and urgent dental disorders affecting the patient's oral health. Emergencies often arise suddenly, causing patients to become alarmed. 

Emergency dental treatment exists to treat oral emergencies that require immediate attention and are accompanied by a lot of pressure, usually from the patient. Emergency dentists in Paradise Valley Smiles play an essential role in the overall health of your oral cavity.

woman being treated for a dental emergency
woman being treated for a dental emergency

Knowing When You Need Emergency Dentistry 

Preventive care and regular dental visits can prevent many oral problems and make emergency dental treatment occasionally necessary. But how do you know that the problem you're experiencing is a dental emergency? Here are some of the emergency dentistry conditions we treat at Paradise Valley Smiles: 

- Sudden or severe toothache

- Infected or abscessed tooth

- Loose tooth, filling, or crown

- Fractured or broken tooth 

- Painful or inflamed gums

- Dislodged or knocked-out tooth

- Broken or damaged denture 

- Chipped or cracked tooth or crown 

- Something stuck between your teeth 

What Should You Do If You Lose a Tooth? 

Always call your dentist in case of an emergency, especially if you have lost one or more teeth. For the best chance of preserving the tooth, avoid touching the root. Gently pick it up by the tooth's crown and soak it in milk or warm water. If you can, position the tooth back in the hole with sterile or clean gauze. If this is not possible, keep the tooth moist and bring it to the dentist as soon as possible. In many cases, Dr. Brannon and his dental experts can place it back in your mouth without additional restorative treatment. 

Benefits of Emergency Dentistry 

Suppose you have not yet visited your dentist for emergency dentistry. In that case, you need to know some of the advantages of emergency dental services provided by your dentist in Paradise Valley, AZ. 

Prevention of oral health problems

Due to the evolution of many minor and moderate oral disorders, they become dental emergencies. When an oral condition is left untreated, it gives the problem plenty of room to worsen, increasing in severity and complexity unless prompt action is taken. That's why it's so important to get emergency dental care.

Reducing the risk of infection

An infection in one part of the oral cavity can threaten the entire mouth when it begins to spread. If a condition is not treated correctly, it can spread to other mouthparts. Dr. Brannon and his dental team can treat the root cause of the infection, thereby preventing further disease risk.

Restored functionality

When you have an oral emergency, your mouth's function is limited and, in many cases, completely stopped. If discomfort does not prevent you from using your mouth, other concerns such as significant bleeding, edema, or broken oral features will obstruct your ability to function correctly. 

In that circumstance, the responsibility of your emergency dentist at Paradise Valley Smiles is to ensure that the functionality of your oral cavity is fully restored. This includes everything from replacing dental appliances to fixing defective features to treating symptoms that interfere with proper oral function.

Protect your teeth

You need the services of an emergency dentist if you are about to lose your natural tooth permanently. On the other hand, the procedure is precise and relies heavily on timing. Even if your teeth have fallen out, they can be replaced in your mouth.

No more pain

Many of the dental problems seen in dental emergency rooms are caused by exacerbating pain. Treating pain is not new in emergency dentistry, from toothaches to injury pain. However, unlike taking over-the-counter medications, the purpose is not to eliminate discomfort temporarily. Instead, emergency dentists focus on treating the underlying source of the pain to relieve your discomfort.

Treatment for Troublesome Symptoms 

Persistent toothache 

A toothache that won't go away is usually a sign of an infection, sometimes inside your tooth. A filling may be all you need. However, extreme tooth sensitivity or intense pain when biting or chewing may also indicate an emergency dental situation involving the roots of your teeth. These cases require root canal therapy before your persistent tooth pain can be relieved. 

Cracked or chipped tooth 

Suffering severe damage to one or more teeth after oral trauma or injury should be treated immediately. Minor chips and cracks can wait, but if your tooth has been broken or fractured, you may experience more than severe tooth pain. The damage may be more severe than it appears by reaching beyond the tooth surface and will need immediate attention from our emergency dentist in Paradise Valley, AZ. Depending on the size and extent of the break, you may need a filling, a dental crown, or a root canal. More severe cases may even require emergency tooth extractions. 

Tooth abscess 

An infection due to injury, decay, or previous dental work can cause an abscess at the base of the tooth root. Treatment for this problem usually includes an emergency root canal to remove the damaged pulp inside the roots. 

Dry socket

Have you recently received a tooth extraction? A dry socket occurs when the blood clot in an empty tooth is dislodged and exposes underlying nerves and bone. Preventing infection and resolving intense oral pain requires immediate treatment, usually cleaning the empty socket and packing the space with gauze.

Exceptional Emergency Care That Allows You to Heal Properly in Paradise Valley, AZ

Paradise Valley Smiles is committed to providing quality medical care to families in Paradise Valley, AZ, and treating patients of all ages. Our state-of-the-art treatment rooms are fully equipped with advanced dental technology, compatible with the most up-to-date safety standards, including strict sterilization standards for your health, safety, and peace of mind. These tools help us to quickly and accurately diagnose any problem, providing comprehensive solutions for our patient's oral health needs. 

Believing in the importance of listening to our patients, we truly take the time to understand each person's needs, goals, and lifestyle. Thus offering relief from discomfort to heal correctly and solutions that improve your health so you can finally relax while we transform your smile. 

So if you want to schedule an appointment as soon as possible because you are experiencing severe mouth pain and need immediate medical treatment, don't hesitate to call us at (602) 354-7607 or visit us now to restore your oral health. The less time you let pass, the better.

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