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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening at Paradise Valley Smiles 

Everyone wants a beautiful smile to be proud of, but maintaining tooth color can be challenging. Genetic factors, poor oral hygiene, and even normal wear and tear can cause our teeth to lose their natural luster. 

Most people may find it challenging to find confidence in a stained smile, especially by today's standards, leading them to turn to ineffective or harmful commercial whitening products. 

Fortunately, thanks to advances in science, experts can now bring a cosmetic dentistry treatment that can lighten the color of your teeth several shades, so you can get rid of those stains that bother you so much.

What Are Teeth Whitening? 

Also known as teeth whitening, it is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that makes your teeth look whiter by using an oxidizing agent to remove tooth stains. 

Teeth whitening helps minimize tooth discoloration and helps remove stains. The teeth whitening procedure can produce long-lasting results but will require follow-up applications over time. 

Regular dental cleanings can help reduce the buildup of substances such as tartar, which cause tooth discoloration and hinder teeth whitening. 

man receiving teeth whitening treatment
man receiving teeth whitening treatment

Why Do Treeth Stain or Discolor?

Although there are different causes, the color of your teeth tends to darken over time as we age due to normal wear and tear. It can also occur due to consuming certain foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, wine, and soft drinks. 

Other factors contributing to tooth discoloration are medications, diseases, genetics, tobacco use, or inadequate oral hygiene. 

Whatever the reason for tooth discoloration, teeth whitening has gained a lot of popularity among people. As more and more people whiten their teeth, the general standard for an attractive smile is whiter than it used to be a few years ago. 

Some Benefits of Teeth Whitening 

An attractive smile also makes you feel better about yourself because your smile says a lot about you and plays an essential role in other people's first impressions of you. However, if your teeth are stained or discolored, you won't feel comfortable showing people a radiant smile. 

That's why most people opt for teeth whitening to boost their smile confidence and get the look they desire. So if you are looking forward to whitening your pearly whites, here are some benefits of teeth whitening: 

People will be more attracted to you

It has been scientifically proven that when meeting people, your smile is one of the critical qualities that attracts and helps you leave a lasting impression on them. 

It boosts your self-esteem

A brighter smile means a more brilliant person. Most people tie a significant part of their self-esteem to their appearance. 

Your mouth will be healthier

By whitening your teeth with a dental professional, you will have stains removed right from your teeth, allowing them to become stronger and healthier. 

Teeth whitening is fast 

While some over-the-counter whitening products make similar claims, the results you get with a dental professional and the speed with which you get them are a combo that is second to none. 

100% safe, professional whitening

Over-the-counter treatments often cause severe damage to the gums and enamel surrounding the teeth by using harmful products not approved by dentists. By having your teeth whitened by a professional, you can expect the procedure to be comfortable and the overall health of your mouth to be taken care of. 

Your hygiene will benefit

To make sure you are putting your best foot forward so that people don't jump to conclusions about your hygiene based on the color of your teeth, having your teeth whitened is an excellent option. 

Your mental health can benefit 

Poor oral hygiene can lead to many cognitive problems and diseases later in life. Plus, continued stress around your physical appearance can lead to mental health problems. 

With white teeth and self-confidence, you can expect stress and worries to disappear. Not only will your beautiful smile shine when you get it whitened, but your brain will also be able to shine by being in an excellent position to stay mentally fit. 

A bright smile means a bright future

As vain as it sounds, a great smile can profoundly affect the opportunities you receive. It is a fact that appearances directly influence people's perceptions of you. You can expect to get more attention in interviews, meetings, and more with a brighter, more confident smile. 

Teeth whitening is affordable

Many procedures on the market can change your life, but the vast majority are out of the average person's budget. With teeth whitening, you can get quick, life-changing benefits at a meager cost considering the benefits it brings. 

Teeth whitening is something special

Every mouth is different, and procedures should be approached with those unique needs in mind to maximize results and avoid damage. To do this, you should consult your dentist about the benefits and contraindications before any procedure.

man showing his white teeth
man showing his white teeth

How Long Does The Effect of Teeth Whitening Last? 

The duration will always depend on several factors, among them are included: 

- The type of whitening treatment used. 

- The level of staining or discoloration that existed before treatment. 

- Your dental habits. 

Generally, this cosmetic treatment performed by a professional can last several years. However, if you consume products prone to staining regularly, your teeth may turn yellow again in a short period. Touch-up treatments can help keep your smile white and bright for as long as possible. 

Teeth Whitening Experts in Paradise Valley, AZ

At Paradise Valley Smiles, we are passionate about making our clients feel confident about their smiles. Dr. Brannon and his team of dental professionals employ a wide variety of dental tools, treatments, and techniques to improve the appearance of your smile and encourage you to share it with the world. 

If you are unhappy with the color of your smile, with our cosmetic dentistry procedure, you can whiten an average of eight shades in just over an hour. Dr. Brannon can make your teeth look healthier to make you look younger, and bring out all that is unique and beautiful in your smile. 

So if you'd like to learn more about how you can benefit from safe, fast, and painless teeth whitening, don't hesitate to contact us by calling (602) 354-7607 or visiting us here. Schedule your appointment today!

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